UAE's No. 1 Promotional SMS Platform

Promotional SMS is a way of increasing customers' traffic to your businesses, firms, corporate etc by sending them Bulk SMS. Although, it is an easy, effective and faster way for business promotion by doing promotional SMS marketing.

  • Convenient 

    You can send thousand's of SMS in just one click using various methods of sending SMS such as Web Panel, API Integration, Excel Plugin or a SMPP Connectivity.

  • The Sender ID

    You can send promotional bulk SMS using your business name as a Sender ID which not only lets you build a trust factor but also gives you chances of higher open ratio.

  • Mass Reach

      It is an affordable method of sending SMS which lets you generate positive responses from customers from all across the industries and businesses.

    As we said earlier Promotional Bulk SMS will give you an ultimate boost in your business and grow your sales of goods and services. Either you have opened a new grocery shop or you have introduced your own brand, you can use promotional SMS Service to send Bulk Promotional SMS to your customers. You can also inform your customers about you latest sales, discounts and offer by just sending an SMS to them. Nowadays, you will find almost all business houses use promotional SMS gateways for SMS marketing or advertisement projecting a large number of customers as these are sent to customers mobile phones which hardly go out of sight which means that it create a greater chance that customers will see your SMS and approach you.

    • Promotional Bulk SMS

      UAE bulk SMS is a renowned SMS service brand that is paving a path for corporates to reach their customers through SMSs. Our simple and easy to use web interface lets you avail our instantaneous service without any complications. Our team is available 24/7 to your service for any solution regarding your SMS service.

      The Smaller companies who have bigger dreams to set their company in the foreground, UAE bulk SMS is providing them a platform of SMS marketing to Promote your business by sending promotional Bulk SMS to a large number of customers. Using our promotional bulk SMS services, you can quickly send short informative messages about your business to a large number of customers worldwide or in UAE on a daily basis.

      Get our trusted & affordable Promotional SMS service and generate traffic over your business.

    How Can You Send Promotional SMS To You Contacts

    You can add a contact to your list in three main ways

  • Import The Contacts

    A big list of contact can be brought in by CSV. The data that may include username, ID and surname of the user can also be added. You can use our Excel Plugin to send SMSs as well.

  • Manual Adding

    Manual adding of contacts is done through entering the mobile number and name of the contact from the list. It will help you choose the contact and make a nice list of your own choice.

  • Opting In

    Opting in the method is the one that helps make clients able to opt-in whether they want to receive your messages and our system will automatically detect that.