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Shorten URLs To Increase The Conversation 

SMS Analytics

Engage Tool is a real-time messaging analytics that will help you get detailed insights, data and reports about your SMS campaigns and track the success of every text message you send. SMS content is supported by a link which once clicked by the receiver capture information like the Device Type, Location,te, Time Clicked, Platform, etc. These parameters give critical insights about the receiver which can be subsequently used for planning focused campaigns and strategic decisions. We are committed to continual development of innovative propositions that can maximize the ROI for its Clients Engage taken SMS Solution to the next level now however valuable each character is in Associate in Nursing SMS text message, therefore, we have got created a tool that shortens URL’s and not entirely that, each recipient get their own universal resource locator, therefore, you will see World Health Organization clicked the link!! We understand that in this competitive environment, it is better understanding of your target audience that will keep you ahead of others and we have been working assiduously to ensure the same for you.We invite you to try Engage our new SMS offering to plan, execute- measure your next campaign and see the difference it can make to your strategic planning and customer understanding.

URL Creator

We've employed a tool to create shorter URL which will make sure each recipient gets their own universal locator. It will help you see who has clicked the linked. The aim is to enhance the process of universal resource locator in a shorter way. This feature will be added to our customers without any additional cost. 

Resource Locator

A short universal resource locator is generated and the system counts the number of time clicks has been done. In the report area of the account of the client these clicks are recorded. The contact lists are refined in this way and you have a chance to keep your attention to people who are more responsive and interested in your services.