Enable logical communication to your clients and consumers through WhatsApp for business

If we see around today then most of the conversation is being done through WhatsApp only. People are active on WhatsApp most of the time when they are free. In this while Mobishastra has identified, how can you utilize WhatsApp for business and customer interaction, with more than 1.6 billion users worldwide.

we have brought the WhatsApp chatbot feature for all the industries, firms, and business personnel for WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp chatbot is extremely effective for promotional purposes as it engages your customers through an automated message setting in no time and catches the maximum interest of the customers

Take the brand new WhatsApp chatbot feature from Mobishastra and get rid of the tension to manage the messages and

replies to thousands of customers through phone. Mobishatra WhatsApp chatbot allows you to access your business Whatsapp account in your desktop and phone as well.

Keypoints of WhatsApp for business chatbot feature for SMS marketing

Automated messages setting

Send contacts and locations

Easily send documents and PDFs

You can send Real-time alerts and notification

You can send individual and collective chats

Target specific keywords to send an automatic reply

The multilevel response to your customers through WhatsApp chatbot

It can be managed in your phone and also in your desktop

Send media files like audios, videos, images, etc.

Connect easily to your customers through WhatsApp business account

You can enable Mobishastra WhatsApp chatbot to your existing WhatsApp business account that is linked with your business or services you provide. You can send SMSs flawlessly to as many customers you want through WhatsApp marketing using WhatsApp chatbot feature.

Most of the customers are attracted to your service or product when you give then an instant response and immediate reply. Whatsapp chatbot autoreply sends automatic messages to customers in less than a second.