Account Management

Our company has a commitment to serve clients differently and efficiently and this is what separates us from our rivals. Sometimes many businesses start getting your services but then leave you for technical problems they face with you.

In order to find solutions to your ethical issues, we offer full-time services to our clients. We have 24 hours support one working 7 days a week. You can always access us on our helpline and we promise our team members will always be there to assist you in your business activities.

Our in-house development team is well-versed in technical necessities. You can have a chance to tackle all the necessities of your system. You have your own website as well. All the flexibilities that we offer assure you that we handle requests and problems that are usually refused at other fronts.

In addition to the above, we have a free management service that we offer to our customers. You will have a chance to transfer your contact list with the schedule on your SMS without paying us more. You just need to prepare an SMS and assure that you have got enough credit in your account. We always make our customer able to manage their own campaigns in their own way because they know their business well.