International SMS

We have brought innovation in our technology that has allowed us to provide you marketing facility at intentional levels. Nowadays international SMS marketing has grown huge. All over the world, more than 7 million phones are being used. In such a situation carrying out SMS communication at an international level with your customers, purchasers and colleagues will be a perfect idea for business growth.

We allow you to send economical web SMS to international clients with which millions of customers can be approached.

Internation SMS

International SMS working

25 Premium Credits

Our international SMS network creation has never been so easy, we have given you a free of charge account without any agreement and with minimum amount to be spent.


First, you need to choose the counties and get the rates we offer for that particular place. If you multiply states it might be less expensive for some places such as UAE. Chosen international routes are modified on your request as well. We will transfer intentional contacts to your list. You will compose a message and then hit send by choosing the sender id. You must know intentional SMS was never so easy as Bulk SMS portal offers here.

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Once this is {often|this can be} often done, we'll modify the chosen international routes in your account. From here, simply transfer your international contact list guaranteeing that you|that you just} simply assign the correct country to the list. Set your character set sender ID to whole your SMS, compose your message and simply hit send!

International SMS has never been so easy as with the UAE Bulk SMS portal.

API intentional SMS

Our powerful PAI allows you to send your international SMS with the order management code if you have it. We have already integrated our service with different e-commerce platforms that you can find by contacting us.

We have made to order platforms where you can integrate. For the knowledge of the services in this area, you can visit our API page.

Internation SMS API