Receiving Text Messages Reply

Inbound Numbers

In order to get the reply of the messages or campaigns, you can expand your contact database. For this purpose we can help you inbound txt range and get a shortcode

A keyword response is generated with a brief range of code. We will assign you a short code number with which you will increase your rate of response. The number is easy to remember and enhance campaigns.

Options to receive incoming messages to inbox

Keyword or shortcode

Customers will text the keyword and the reply to the case. This can be charged on the customer-network rate to the customer. The shortcode is skilled and is useful in keeping the cost down for the customer.

All incoming SMS on the market appear in the inbox on the portal as it has been downloaded by CSV. The same will be forwarded to your email/SMS.

Actions that you can perform with our services in hand

Send an email

Forward the inward SMS via email to the relevant person or department.

Response to the SMS

Automatic response to the contact that sends you SMS is sent

Forwarding the SMS

You can forward the inward SMS via email to the relevant person or department.

Forwarding with contact list

You can add the sender to the contact list

Add to Contact List

Add the sender to a contact list.

Creating backlist

You can create a backlist of people who do not want to receive your messages

Calling API

You can call API to assist you in integrating your electronic communication with the application

Chat SMS

You can use your VMN for two-way oral communication in the chat SMS module