Increase Brand Awareness With
SMS Text Messages

Now you have a chance to improve your brand awareness with the help of SMS text message allowing your client to return back by entering 11 characters in the Sender ID field. Eleven list characters are placed in the ID field. The whole identity of the program is developed with the idea of measuring the output of the campaign.

We tailor our services in a way that help you send SMS in a way which makes the message looks like it has been sent from a mobile. It is a useful feature in cases where the client will retort to specific signs such as sale number or mobile phone of the sales manager.

First, the system monitors and verify the phone number that has been assigned by you in the contact list. This is a method of improving security on behalf of our organization. This level of security is in your interest as it will help in number spoofing as well.

Here are some reasons you need to get sender ID on SMS messages

It helps increase awareness

The appearance of a text message is skilled and it looks directly coming from your brand manager

You can choose people and set a range that you would like to reply to your message

The message is duplicated by changed sender IDs

The receiver of the message gets to know about the company from where the text message is coming