Bulk SMS sending for electronic communication

Bulk SMS sending for electronic communication is a straightforward process. However if not properly streamlined, the desired results cannot be achieved.

  • Here is what you need to have

    A contact list is the first thing you need to send text message

  • The sender ID

    The ID of the sender with the contact list makes you able to see who will receive the message

  • A concise message

    Message should be made in a concise way to attract the receiver

    There is a need to have enough client in the contact list so you can send a message to manage your sales in an appropriate manner.

    We have advanced characteristics in the message system that help you plan your messages keeping in view your amount of contacts. The broadcast reaction is also regulated to keep the messages in control.

    Personalized messages

    We allow managing your messages in a personalized manner keeping in view the needs and aptitude of your client. The client’s accounts number name, voucher number, and other details are added. Particular information such as order Id of the client is sent with the messages making it targeted.

    How to add contacts to your bulk SMS list

    You can add a contact to your list in three main ways

  • Import the contacts

    A big list of contact can be brought in by CSV. The data that may include username, ID and surname of the user can also be added. One benefit, in this case, is the program will automatically erase duplicate contacts. It will help you limit the amount spent on the duplicate SMS that is sent to a client more than one.

  • Manual adding

    Manual adding of contacts is done through entering the mobile number and name of the contact from the list. It will help you choose the contact and make a nice list of your own choice.

  • Opting in

    Opting in the method is the one that helps make clients able to opt-in whether they want to receive your messages. The system will add transmitter the list of people as a result of which only the interest clients will receive your messages.